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Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Celtic Mandala Messiah

Blessings friends \(-_-)/ original painting of the day by Hidden Mountain
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painting name ~

Celtic Mandala Messiah~
Original Celtic style knotwork with Hebrew poetry in knot work . 
Covetousness, greed, lusts, materialism, power, money, wealth, getting ahead are all
under the foundation of the "Babylon " system and lead to many other things that are even worse:
murder, lying, stealing, cheating, etc.
 Which of these above descriptors are unrighteous or against the underlying general principles of say Buddhism or Taoism.. I ask this cause their is a general misunderstanding that the principles of a believer in THE WORDs of Messiah YHSHUWAH , are evil somehow or against the general basic ideas of kindness that most folks on Earth INTRINSICALLY AND INTUITIVELY know to be true and upright.i would not want to judge the teachings of anyone by the folks that hide behind that cause... we all know way too many tyrannical and hypocritical "Christians" but i propose that the main reason for that is because satan is real and quite dedicated to destroying the views of the would be be-liever.Fully focusing on putting deceivers who hide under the title of "christian" for personal power ,gain,wealth,glory,greed,even lust in the eyes and paths of the sheepel...For this I ask forgiveness of judgement against the righteous and true creator on all our behalf .. please forget all you think you know about Christianity and the bible and seek a one on one RELATIONSHIP with OUR HEAVENLY CREATOR ...this alone is what is important above ALL ELSE.

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