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Saturday, October 12, 2013

Enoch 42

Blessings friends \(-_-)/ original painting of the day by Hidden Mountain
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painting name ~Enoch 42~ Scripture from the Book of Enoch , regarding wisdom and unrighteousness
(click this for clearer view)
I have noticed over the years that me and most of my extreme christian friends are not really judgmental or at least not as much as society paints be-livers as being . I think folks assume if you speak of high moral standards that u are automatically expecting them from the world.. just cause someone has a moral goal for them self does not mean that they judge others or are so naive that they think that folks should do what they them selves strive to abide in.
It is like the vegetarian family member at the thanksgiving dinner... just cause they are happily enjoying their vegetables and fine with just not choosing turkey does not mean they are judging grandma as someone( if not everyone ) who is eating the turkey and asks vegy person their reason why they are not having any meat feels immediate self condemnation.. when vegi person wasn't even thinking any thing other than "how lovely to have such a huge selection of vegis today!"
Art by Hidden Mountain

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