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Saturday, December 28, 2013

Amish love lesson .. have come to realize what love .. real love really is.. it is trust... trust is not something you can make happen.. it is or it is not.. you can have love feelings and appreciation and lust and sympathy for thousands of folks and chances are you will weather u like it or not... the difference with the person u marry is that you have to trust them... without that.. you will never really have a useful relationship... a relationship that blooms forever between the two committed souls and the family that they create through their trust would need to stem from truth and a deep need from all parties to know truth.. that truth must be true truth.. absolute, unchanging , perfect, finished and eternal.. both people must independently have aaaan equal desire to dwell with and continually seek for and love and worship and give their very lives for that one truth... true truth is one truth.. it just is.. you may think that is mean or intolerant of half truths or part truths ect. but your opinion does not change truth... the only reason i think folks should marry someone (make a life long commitment) is cause that other person is the kind of person you TRUST would be the kind of person you would want for a mother or father...someone you would choose to raise a child.. many times the only thing left from a relationship is a child.. the love of a child is the most amazing unconditional perfect true love a human can ever feel .. it is not based on what that soul can do for you.. this is the beauty of the family of YHWH .. that is the difference between it and all other beliefs... we are made in the image and likeness of our parent YHWH ,AND WE ARE THE CHILDREN OF OUR CREATOR..! so much love.. unimaginable ... so when we look for a partner for life we need to go shopping in the places where there are folks seeking to be good trustworthy loving parents .. just exactly like YHWH ... pure and simple.. girls... would he defend your child with his life? guys.. would she give her own desires up in order to raise your child in truth and righteousness?... seriously .. anything short of this is cruel and thoughtless for a child to be raised by.. who would not want their beloved child to not live in eternity in joy... next time you are lusting over a "hot" chick or dude.. think... would i want them for a father or mother of the person i would love more than any other.... most relationships will end one way or another... a human soul is made for eternity...YHSHWH Messiah even taught us that marriage is only till physical death... A CHILD ...A SOUL not . Blessings friends \(-_-)/ original painting of the day by Hidden Mountain (click this for clearer
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PAINTING ~ " Twisted love" ~ 1 Corinthians 13

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